I've developed different projects, both profitable or voluntary, serving from high school to private enterprise with establishing startUp. My own career plan is to solve the existing problems with my own IT skills (To view some projects please scroll down). In addition, it's also inspiring to have the opportunity to challenge me and to develop more like an early career path to a computer engineer.


Supervising the System functionality of Open Day Application

It's the honorable time to see everyone in UST using my own web app

Highlighted Moments

Creative Work

As a Doer, not only to make something remained on theory, but keen on implemented and deployed it. Also Focus on soft skills co-development on the early career life!



HKSTP Prototype Project

Data visualization

Presentation to Macao SAR Government

on Digital Video Design.

In total, I have gained Amout of Over

HKD 520,000

Scholarships in recognition of academic performance and extra-curricular activities

My One of Project (View:

Web Apps Provided to HKUST Open Day

Responsive Design & Graphic Design

Excellent Design Layout with Responsive and UX/UI Design Philosophy. These are implemented.

Integration with Big Data Platform

It integrated with HKUST big data analysis platform and head data visulization inside the app.

'Unicorn' role on development

During tight time schedule, I can still manage to finish the tasks, addressing and resolving unexpected issues.

Powerful BackEnd

It's developed with MVCs structure,also along with best practice of codes.

Cloud Techniques

Through the system smart decision, it will adjust to suitable level according to the demand on the server

Communication with Non-Tech Experts

The project is corporated with ITSC (Tech department of HKUST), Public Affairs Office, Professional CS Team

Truly Treasure

What People Say & What Experience "Say"